with some text too

January 1 Pocket pretends to be a cat. It is convincing. Do not be fooled.
January 2 #BenSwolo, or, how to make a bookshelf look delightfully darksided.
January 3 One-pot Caribbean jerk chicken. Get the recipe here. I go a bit heavier on the chicken thighs than the recipe calls for. I prefer Walkerswood jerk seasoning and I use about 3x what the recipe calls for. Look I’m not telling you how to live your life but this whole dish is super simple and you should try it. I add onions. Leftover portions keep well.

January 4 shows us the simple pleasures of standing in the middle of a road at night after rain has slicked the tarmac. Fear not for I had a spotter for cars.

January 5 brings you to my trophy wall. Here I hang my four Galaxy Trucker board game tournament championship medals from PAX West ’13 ’14 ’17 and ’18. I lost in ’15 to my great shame. In ’16 I was on my honeymoon and unable to attend. In ’19 they didn’t have a tournament. In ’20 they didn’t have a PAX West. So it goes. The accompanying luchador masks are gifts. I use them to strike terror into the hearts of rudos for I am myself técnico.
January 6 shows symmetry and balance. This pristine set of bike racks at the new school nearby have not been used due to the Covid closures. There is beauty in emptiness. Beauty too in bent steel and the brutal practicality of cinder block and concrete.
January 7 and another nighttime walk. A corrugated metal wall lit by the street lights.
January 8 Does the lamp look level despite the obviously tilted horizon? Is that just your perception or is it truth? This tilt is intentional because I found that even at this angle the lamp looks just fine and the tilted outer frame melds away in the mind without prominence. Is there a lesson in that? Don’t mind the uneven terrain–rocks stack the same in level times as in turbulent.
January 10 A window mounted bird feeder is an excellent idea. Outside my home office window so I can see that, yes, life goes on.
January 11 and feeling like Mrs. McMurray from Letterkenny.
January 12 Bark of cedar. Bark of maple. Both get burned in my fireplace. I’m a sucker for texture. I created a crevasse between these pieces of wood in my wood pile to give contrast. I like the growing rift. Like old friends uncontacted growing apart.
January 13 This is a towel ring. Form, function, shiny. So much is in the lighting. I bounced light off the white ceiling camera left. You see that in the top left and bottom right of the ring. So why are there catchlights opposite? The mirror is just out of frame!
January 14 Boots. Fern. A neat belt. Product photography that can’t understand what it wants to do. It’s pretty though.
January 15 A corgi. How wistful.
January 16 A stick on the beach. How abstract.

January 17 An octopus in its natural habitat. Not all northwest tree octopodes spend all their lives arboreal. They too like to splishysplash in a puddle or three.

January 18 Pentax Superprogram passed down from mother to son. Like other life lessons passed down to me it shares the following features: it has value in part from its function and in part from where it came from. It has stood the test of time.
January 19 Ivy sure is pretty. Probably why it got introduced.
January 20 Fun fact: fire comes from wood if it’s dry enough and gets hot enough.
January 21 This is a lamp shade. Or a snuggly volcano. Or Belle’s ballgown skirt possessed by ignis fatuus. Or a radioactive candy corn. Or the glowing tip and final ember of a sparkler clutched in the hand of a wide-eyed five year old learning what magic is.
January 22 Guaaaaac. Fresh guac in a fresh mortar. So good. Reminder to enjoy the little things.
January 24 Blackberry cross. Water drips like blood from the left arm. There’re even thorns on the head. Symbolism can be found wherever you look hard enough.
January 25 Books yetread and yetwritten. You are welcome to judge me for my books.
January 26 Again, a dog. A nightwalk portrait. The glowing sign of the new middle school and parking lot lights provide a interesting glowing background.
January 27 Dried oranges. Maybe some are dried reds. Dusted with cinnamon. Smells good. Looks good.

January 28 Trees. Night. You can see a single solitary star in the full size version in the tiny patch of clear-ish sky.

January 29 Flowers in a pot. “Plot in a pot. Plot in a pot. Plot in a pot. Ready someday, ready someday.” -Melt Banana
January 30 Can’t stop. Won’t stop. GameStop.
January 31 The year this lemon-lime soda was released was 1978. 43 years in Hamlin Park has done a number on this steel can.

That’s it for January.