with some text too

February 1 | “It’s nocino not yescino.” -Flora vis-a-vis the cat not wanting to drink the nocino.
February 2 | A scarf seems appropriate for the day when a recently hibernating mammal portends the end of winter.
February 3 | The barbarian rushes in. Typical.
February 4 | There are two things you need to know. Firstly I know this is weird. Secondly I also know this is pretty rad. The portrait is my face edited in to the Jim Raynor cover for Star Craft 2. The ivy mask I made for a masquerade. Fun story about the picture. I tried to get a custom image credit card with that picture and it was rejected. I called support and eventually talked to a very perplexed customer service rep. It went something like this: “What can I help you with?” him “My image card was rejected.” me “Oh okay what was it of?” him “It was a picture of my face.” me “Were you wearing anything in it?” him “A helmet.” me “What kind of helmet?” him “A… space… helmet.” me “Let me find your specific image on minute.” him *hold* Five minutes later they hung up on me.
February 5 | This is a picture of strike-on-box matches. There is no deeper hidden meaning. No allegory. “You’ll find that when looking at a creation so contemporaneous to the events of January 6th one can not dismiss the impact on the artist. The nation was at odds, turmoil was abundant. America was a pile of matches about to be lit by the events of May 12th 2021 that would leave an indelible scar on his generation.” -Some art historian of the 23rd century. I just wanna know what happens in May…
February 6 | Who takes their washboard with them in their suitcase or traveling bag? Personally, I happen to own a lot of silk, hosiery, lingerie and handkerchiefs and I do appreciate that the Columbus Washboard Co. washboard fits in a bucket but these are just not particularly relevant facts whilst travelling for a few days.
February 7 | Obviously this is a sunrise on Mars. You’re welcome.
February 8 | Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and crumbled Oreos. Consumed in a furry warm blanket. Welcome to adulthood.
February 9 | I stayed up too late and watched the moon set in my tea cupboard. It was smaller than I imagined it would be when I held it in my hand. Bigger too. When it hangs in the sky I can cover it with my thumb at arm length. In my tea cupboard it is larger than a tea cup and tea cups are larger than my thumb. Would this moon seem large or small to Thumbelina for whom so much is so large? Perhaps not. She could mine an expedition to the moon’s core and make shelves for her own tea sets.
February 10 | This is a key. It is also a bottle opener. It is also my hand.
February 11 | Look up. It’s snowing.
February 12 | The life-blood of the beets given to flavor the borscht. Your sacrifice was delicious.
February 13 | Sometimes the utterly mundane is beautiful too. Laundry: rugs and dog blankets.
February 14 | A stick.
February 15 | Better late than never? On a heart-shaped block of snow a flower casts a shadow.
February 16 | Clearly it is time to do the dishes.
February 17 | The sun sets in my shower (recently used).
February 18 | Probably the weakest shot of the month. They can’t all be winners. The cleanup was delicious, however, thanks to the staging of the mint M&Ms.
February 19 | A blue ghost moved in. They are probably very nice.
February 20 | The beiges, creams, and tans of crepe topped with pear, whipped cream, and cinnamon.
February 21 | Pruning the apple. The light was a wee unstable in the wind. Worth it.

February 22 | New and 30-year-old cedar plank.
February 23 | This is a turtle box.
February 24 | The burnt palette of an orange candle aflame.
February 25 | A strip of LEDs on my bookshelf. My camera sensor is dusty I should clean it.
February 26 | Atlas stone. 168 pounds.
February 27 | The alley behind The Cheesecake Factory. TH.
February 28 | The afternoon light.

That does it for February. See you next month.